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Clash of Clans Tactical Tips

Offense or attack in the Clash of Clans game is a main point by figuring out the tactics of your overall strategy.

In our perspective, rising your offense is inevitable if you want additional trophies. The plan of action is a must to have an option to deploy troops massively. We’ve highlighted some offense tips to boost your performance.

Finish Battle Rather Than Surrender

When you are having a raid against any clans, it does not matter if you lose or surrender, you’ll lose some trophies anyway.

The factor is that you’ll never apprehend what happens next, not even a clue. When you see that battle goes not on your side, it is a terrible decision to surrender.

Here we see an opportunity to finish the battle without losing the trophy.
Deploy your troops until the battle will finish. It may save you and you may not lose any trophies.

Destroy The government building and Take Everything

If you want to achieve more in the game scores, you need to complete the battle objectives and earn all 3 stars to get trophies.

Once you strike your enemy’s Townhall at the 0.5, you will get claim the first star. The second star is earned by continued the raid and fully destroying that government building.

Don’t stop there, destroy everything to get 3 stars. So, it’s pretty clear your main target is the government buildings.

Prepare Your Troops before It’s Too Late

It’s highly important to prepare your troops before you raid your enemy. It will protect you before you raid and will give you advance when you will raid.

Complete Your Squadron

Prepare troops to have a bluff effect. Once your enemy sees that your troops are rife, they might deploy their troops from your village.

The secret is to stay manufacturing the troops despite the fact that you have got troop survivals from battle.

Know WHO You Raid!

It’s not a secret that raiding enemy that has government building at a better level provides you additional things to loot.

However, you must be conniving whether or not you’ll anticipate the revenge raid from them. Simply make certain you have got adequate defense and preparation if you’re progressing to raid higher tier opponent’s villages

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