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Traditional ways how to unlock achievements?

During the game you will learn new terms, one of them is Bigger Coffers Achievement. You may unlock it and get 2 free gems but for that, you also will need to upgrade the gold storage to the second level. With this trick, you may get more free gems by upgrading your gold storage.

Still, this will not bring to you a significant amount of gems in Clash of Clans. To get more you need to be connected your game to Google Play and play a lot. Clash of Clans hack can safe to you a lot of time.

Like in many games by unlocking more difficult achievements you will get more games but this can take a lot of time. In the achievement screen, you may track your progress.

By completing all the achievements you will get about 8.6K gems. To get the most valuable achievements you need to fight with other players and win.

Trophies – By winning trophies, you can get some free gems. This will lead you to fight a lot of wars by attacking and defending yourself as well.

Inferno tower – by destroying it of your opponents you will get extra gems. Still, to get 1000 gems you will need to destroy 5000 towers. This looks a lot if you do not spend a lot of time on this game.

Removing the obstacles

Try to use this small coc hack to get few extra gems. Remove obstacles and rocks. It will cost some gold but it will bring some gems.

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We all love this game, but some of us want to play in a hard way. I respect this, but for some of us who want to unlock all features of the game, this generator may help to do it much faster.